Published on 04/06/2024

Hobart/Tasmania( Tuesday, June 4th/2024): Bondi Rescue reality star Lifeguard Aaron “Azza “Graham and his crew of lifeguard watermen are set to venture down to Tasmania to run a Big Wave Safety Summit for a local surfing community this Saturday June 8th. 

After avoiding tragedy on many occasions over the past two decades, the local community of big wave surfers have shifted their focus to providing a safer approach to tackling one of the most remote and heaviest waves on the planet, Shipstern Bluff.

Born out of the shift has been the “Shippys Safety Initiative”. The first of its kind in the country.

The Initiative has been created by the surfers to support each other and add to their collective skill several resources in the form of defibrillators, major trauma kits, pain relief, land to sea communication and a first response rescue only jet ski.

Also, Surfing Tasmania successfully gained a permit on behalf of the big wave community to station permanent First-Aid equipment in at the base of the cliffs at Shipstern Bluff for those that may require attention who have walked in.

Pro Guarding Water Safety which was formed by TV star brothers Azza and Kobi Graham of Bondi Rescue, have kindly offered the services of four trainers/instructors to come down and put the big wave surfers through a gruelling scenario-based training block to help compliment their already highly skilled experience, and to round off a few rough edges that maybe required.

Also attending the day will be crews from the Westpac Helicopter Rescue air wing to work in with the big wave surfers who have been called upon on many occasions to provide support.

This is an amazing opportunity for the big wave surfing community to have the best in the business to come down and help up skill many members of the group, using their combined 30 years’ experience in lifesaving around the Northern Beaches of Sydney to help maybe one day save someone’s life.

Carlton Beach Surf Club from 8am Saturday 8th June

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