If you are passionate about surfing and want to make a difference in the sport you love, surf coaching could be a great opportunity for you to get involved!

Foundation Surf Coaching Course

Want the best job in the world? Start your career in surf coaching today with the Foundation Surf Coaching Course (formerly Level 1 Surf Coaching Course).

The role of a Surfing Australia Foundation Surf Coach is to introduce beginner surfers to the sport in a safe, fun and supportive manner that goes beyond the simple instruction of skill.

You’ll also be eligible for nationwide employment as a coach at any of our 100+ Surfing Australia affiliated surf schools.

Progression Surf Coaching Course

Becoming a Surfing Australia Progression Surf Coach (formerly level 2 Surf Coach) is a fulfilling experience where you’ll give intermediate and advanced surfers the opportunity to further develop their skills both in and out of the water.

You’ll support surfers in their technical, physical and psychological development as they transition to more advanced levels of surfing and for some, a competitive career.

Important note: you must hold a Foundation Surf Coach accreditation for a minimum of 12 months before you can enrol in the Progression Surf Coaching Course.