2022 TassieSUP Winter Classic A Success

Published on 12/09/2022

This year’s Winter Classic kicked off with the traditional Free Surf Friday with the SUP crew scoring Roaring Beach, Nubeena.

The crew had an awesome session with approximately chest high waves on offer and was a great start to the event. Saturday morning threw up a rather warm but wet, stormy, slightly onshore Eagle Hawk neck with waves on offer around the shoulder to head high, with the occasional larger ones. The shore break was an absolute nightmare as it was “taking no prisoners” and was totally punishing all competitors attempting to get out the back. Catching waves guaranteed that you were pretty much doomed to negotiate the shore break all over again.

The waves were “contestable”, consisting of super fast left and rights with most waves being fairly straight (read close-outs). The inside section was incredibly shallow and being on a SUP, surfing those kind of waves was next level gnarly. As the tide dropped the inside become more Hellish and potentially damaging to equipment and competitor. Friday night and Saturday night’s post competition presentation dinner was held at the Lufra Hotel and Apartments, this included accommodation.

The Lufra Hotel has been looking after the SUP event for over a decade now and we greatly appreciate their support. All the SUP competitors received great prizes for competing for our numerous sponsors. Sunday morning saw the SUP “BOP” race challenge compete in a fairly cool South-west wind. Competitors are required to run from the beach “start” and then proceeded to paddled around a buoy about 300 metres out into the water past the breaking waves and then back to the beach again. Being the first person to complete the course 2 times in a row successfully guarantees you as the winner.

Huge thanks to Lisa for doing a spectacular job as being Beach Marshal for the entire day, competitors, spectators, family and friends, Judges and our sponsors. Sponsor are an huge part of a successful competition, board riding club and the ongoing future of the SUP community.

Special thanks to Credas, Jay Sails Wind Kite SUP, Supworld magazine, Shipstern Surf, Naish Australia, Duotone, NSP, Ocean and Earth, Fanatic, Balin, Global Surf Industries, Trident Paddles, and Sea Urchin Design.

Results: Over 77’s 1 Tony Leitch

Over 60’s 1 Annie Milbourne 2 Dave Smith 3 Steve Dounton 4 Andrew Bowes

Over 50’s 1 Dave Banks 2 Hamish Robinson 3 Barry Vaughan

Over 40’s1 Dylan Chivers 2 James Davies 3 Elaine Chua

10 footer SUP 1 Barry Vaughan 2 James Davies 3 Dave Smith 4 Hamish Robinson

Open’s1: 1 Dylan Chivers 2 Hamish Robinson 3 Barry Vaughan 4 James Davies

Female’s1(equal) Annie Milbourne and Elain Chua

BOP Race1 :Dylan Chivers 2 James Davies3 Andrew Bowes4 Dave Smith5 Elaine Chua 6 Stacey van Dongen7 Annie Milbourn


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