Published on 22/03/2022

The 2022 47th RIPCURL West Coast Classic will be long remembered for delivering what good surfers hang out for, solid challenging surf with big opportunities and plenty of floggings in between, the winners grinning with the sponsors products, and the satisfaction that it could have gone either way in the challenging surf.

There were 8 hours and 40 minutes of Open Mens surfing the largest and deepest field for a long time, so many exceptional surfers did not crack that final,

big Right handers and three goofy footers in the final,

Six former RIPCURL West Coast Classic winners were competing in the Open Mens alone including Shipstern luminary and former west coast competitor Michael Brennon.

The Cape Sorell buoy was reading 3.3 and 6 metres on the Sunday while we competed at Lighthouse, 15 to 20 wave sets bombed West Point Lighthouse, with surfers duck diving for 10 minutes straight at times.

The Open Women had solid 4 to 5 metre set bombs to start their first final, The Open Women stood up and surfed the conditions where many male surfers would not have even gone in the water Sunday,

Dara Penfold the former World Junior Champion took out the high standard Open Womens in the wild conditions,

Jake Colreavy won the Open Mens with a first wave high score of 8.5 after smashing 5 major vertical lip slashes in critical sections on a cranking right hander. It was a standout wave and really put every surfer on notice of what this young guy can do,

Jake is a former Sunshine coast surfer who has previously won the Pa Bendall Classic which is the longest running amateur surfing event in the country and now he has won the second longest surfing event in the country.

Jake also took out the Macaronni’s Resort prize for an outstanding effort,

Event Director: Glenn Salty.


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