Surfing Tasmania Leads the Charge in Innovation: Liveheats and Starlink Redefine Surfing Experience

Published on 06/06/2024

SOUTH ARM/TASMANIA (Friday, 7th June,2024): As the anticipation builds for the Bruny Island Classic, the final showdown of the State Title Series, Surfing Tasmania is riding the crest of a wave of innovation. With the recent introduction of Starlink, SpaceX’s revolutionary satellite internet network, and the integration of Liveheats, the cutting-edge competition platform, Tasmania’s surfing community is experiencing a transformation like never before.

Starlink’s arrival has unleashed a sea change in Tasmania’s surfing landscape, particularly in remote coastal regions where internet access has long been a challenge. Surfers in the most secluded spots can now enjoy low-latency, high-speed connections, enabling them to stay connected, share insights, and access vital resources online.

“Starlink has been a game-changer for Surfing Tasmania,” says Luke Johannesen, Event Manager at Surfing Tasmania. “Now, competitors at our events can connect regardless of the location, enhancing their overall surf event experience and fostering a stronger sense of community.”

Complementing Starlink’s impact is the utilisation of Liveheats, which has revolutionised the organisation and experience of surfing events. With its real-time scoring updates, customisable heat draws, and seamless event scheduling, Live Heats has raised the bar for professionalism and excitement in the State Title Series.

“Liveheats has transformed the way we manage surfing competitions in Tasmania,” adds Luke Johannesen. “Its intuitive interface and comprehensive features make it an invaluable tool for organisers, athletes, and spectators alike, enhancing the overall quality of our events.”

As excitement builds for the Bruny Island Classic, Surfing Tasmania is proud to announce that Liveheats will be used at the most southern location ever for a surfing competition, further solidifying its reputation as a leading-edge platform. Additionally, Surfing Tasmania recommends Live Heats to other sporting organisations, recognising its potential to elevate competitions across a variety of sports.

As surfers prepare to carve their way through the waves at Bruny Island, the fusion of technology and surfing has never been more apparent. With Starlink and Liveheats leading the charge, Surfing Tasmania is poised for a future where innovation continues to drive the sport forward, enriching the lives of surfers and communities across the state.

Surfing Tasmania extends its gratitude to SpaceX for bringing Starlink to Tasmania and to the developers of Liveheats for their innovative contribution to the sport. 

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