Woolworths State Junior Titles final round wraps up at Dark, Hollow Beach at Scamander

Published on 11/05/2022

Presented by Rip Curl, the East Coast Junior Classic was upstaged by the local Dolphin pod which dropped in for a few waves during several heats which added to an already wonderful day to close out the Woolworths State Junior Titles for the season.

Given the dramatic weather around Tasmania NEBR and STAS organisers were blessed to find beautiful sunny and glassy 2 to 4 ft lefts and rights at Dark Hollow on Saturday May 7th. Although there were a few short windy squalls the day was highlighted by the consistent surf on the various peaks available to competitors.

Many thanks to NEBR members, Head Judges Kim Gibson and Michael Schmidt, volunteer judges, Gill Pugh for the wonderful Mothers Day morning tea for organisers. Also thanks for Jon and his crew from Surfside Hotel for sponsoring lunches for organisers and hosting the event Presentations.


Woolworths, Rip Curl, Surfside Hotel, Scamander Beach Surf Shop, Bay Surf Shop, Milk Bar Bikes, Balin, Globe, FCS, Pelican Sands Resort. A terrific Milk Bar Bike was won by Poppy Woodberry in a lucky draw.


U14 GIRLS: 1.Jess Gardner 2. Hayden Brown.

U14 BOYS: 1.Marvin Freeman 2.Tully Woodberry 3. Charlie Gibson.

U16 GIRLS: 1.Poppy Woodberry 2.Sienna Lawrence 3.Jess Gardner 4. Hayden Brown.

U16 BOYS: 1.Cowan Duncan 2.Marvin Freeman 3.Tully Woodberry 4. Charlie Gibson.

U18 GIRLS: 1.Ruby Stokely 2. Sienna Lawrence 3. Poppy Woodberry.

U18 BOYS: Toby Lawrence 2.Tom Teimens 3. Joe Pugh 4. Cowan Duncan.

Shayne Clark

Executive Officer

Surfing Tasmania.


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